Facebook’s mobile empire is huge, it’s dominance is unprecedented. In addition to the main apps, there are quite a few other smaller apps by Facebook that have silently garnered millions of users. In fact, some of the apps like Messenger Lite, Facebook lite, WhatsApp Wallpaper, Layout by Instagram etc. can compete with the likes of Twitter and Snapchat on their own.

Facebook family of apps (Android only)

  1. Facebook – 2.2 Billion MAU
  2. Facebook Lite: 500 Million+ Installs
  3. WhatsApp: 1.5 Billion+ MAU
  4. WhatsApp Business: 10 Million+ Installs
  5. WhatsApp Wallpaper: 100 Million+ Installs
  6. Instagram: 1 Billion+ MAU
  7. Layout by Instagram: 100 Million+ MAU
  8. Boomerang by Instagram: 50 Million+ Installs
  9. IGTV By Instagram: 5 Million+ Installs (Recently launched)
  10. Messenger: 1.3 Billion+ MAU
  11. Messenger Lite: 100 Million+ Installs
  12. Facebook Pages Manager: 10 Million+ Installs
  13. Facebook Local: 1 Million+ Installs (Recently Launched)
  14. Workplace by Facebook: 5 Million+ Installs
  15. Workplace Chat: 1 Million+ Installs
  16. Moments by Facebook: 50 Million+ Installs
  17. MSQRD: 10 Million+ Installs
  18. Sound Clips for Messenger: 5 Million+ Installs
  19. Selfied for Messenger: 1 Million+ Installs
  20. Strobe for Messenger: 1 Million+ Installs

If you were to value all of these apps individually, quite a few would be valued over half a billion dollars!

Most likely, there are another half a billion people using Facebook’s apps on iPhone. And guess what, facebook can already launch 5-10 other apps that have the potential to become as popular.

All the Apps by Facebook: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Facebook

All the apps by Whatsapp: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=WhatsApp+Inc.

All the apps by Instagram: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Instagram

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Facebook isn’t just about your friends and newsfeed, its lot more. Facebook in its app, has hidden some of its most useful features that people would value. Not because it wants to hide it from you, but because it’s hard to make everything visible without compromising on Facebook’s core value proposition. Personally, I believe that Facebook should launch these features at separate apps and market them aggressively to drive adoption. This will not only benefit people, but also create additional value for Facebook as a company. Facebook is basically more than 20 apps rolled into one. Here are some of the coolest Facebook features that majority of its users don’t notice.

You can access these features by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines on the right bottom of your app.

  1. Facebook City Guides App

A great tool to discover tourism destinations around the world and learn from experiences of friends who’ve visited those places.

  1. Facebook News App

It’s probably the fastest and most reliable news app out there. Not only does it list the latest news in real time, but also let’s you see all the news sources and the chatter around them.

  1. Facebook Jobs and careers app

Every business and company has their presence on Facebook. So, it’s relatively easy for them to post vacancies in their companies directly on Facebook. Since most of their potential candidates are on Facebook (and the ones passionate about their companies are probably already following them), it’s easier to get visibility for their job openings and find the right candidates. This app could give LinkedIn a serious run for its money.

  1. Facebook Viral Content App or FBTV

Facebook’s “Explore Feed”lets you discover the most popular content on Facebook. So, this is basically, Facebook minus friends!

  1. Facebook questions and recommendations app

There’s no better social app than Facebook to get recommendations from people. You can ask recommendations for places that your friends have been to, or just general questions. This could potentially compete with Yelp and the likes.

  1. Facebook LIVE videos app

Facebook is the default application for Livestreaming events etc. It provides you with a feed that allows you to browse through Live videos around the world. You could customize it based on your interest and get LIVE feeds on related events, people and news.

  1. Facebook fundraiser and charity app

If you are into philanthropy or charity, this is a great app to promote your cause or to contribute to initiatives by others. With Facebook payments, it could be one click, convenient way of improving your karma!

you can access features like Instant Games that allow you to play quick games within Facebook, access Crisis Response tool that tells you about your friends who’ve recently marked themselves safe in some crisis situation, the weather app that gives you weather information and forecasts, Ad Activity that tells you what all Facebook ads you clicked on (so, now you can figure out what ads led you to make a purchase), Discover feature that lets you find people with similar interests, Nearby feature that helps you find people located near you, free wifi feature that lets you find free hotspots near you, Sports feature that lets you find upcoming games and results of past games, On this day feature that tells you what you did on Facebook on a particular date, Offers feature where you can find offers around you and the offers available to you, Buy and Sell groups that’s your replacement for classifieds and Nearby Places feature that helps you find restaurants and local businesses around you.

There’s a lot more on offer and Facebook keeps adding new features in this menu, so keep checking.

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