Baba Ramdev just launched a new chat app called Kimbho (किम्भो in Sanskrit) Kimbho on Google Play. The app is supposed to be a swadeshi messenger and chat app with a lot of cool features.

Here’s Tijarawala sk’s tweet explaining Kimbho.

#किम्भो संस्कृत में हाल-चाल पूछने और खैर-खबर लेने के लिए आम संवाद में प्रयोग होता है जैसे हम बोलते हैं “किम्भो भैया” यानी..क्या हाल है भैया और क्या चल रहा है, क्या खबर है?
अब भारत बोलेगा..किम्भो
अब भारत पूछेगा ..किम्भो

Recently, we launched Wishfie Video App, which allows Indians to share their opinions on latest news and current affairs. It’s time for Indians to speak up and make their opinions count. Similarly, Sharechat is also coming up as an Indian version of twitter. Looks like the time has come for Indian apps to compete with global super apps.



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