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List of Indonesian institutions using Sanskrit. As an Indian, how does it make you feel? Share your views on Wishfie now: Click here:

  • Aceh Provinceपञ्चचित – Pancacita “Five Goals”
  • Bali ProvinceBali Dvipa Jaya “Glorious Bali Island”
  • Central Java ProvincePrasetya Ulah Sakti Bhakti Praja “Promise to try hard and loyal to the nation”
  • JakartaJaya Raya “Glorious and Great”
  • Indonesian National PoliceRastra Sewakottama “People’s Main Servants”
  • Indonesian MilitaryTri Dharma Eka Karma
  • Indonesian ArmyKartika Eka Phaksi “Unmatchable Bird with Noble Goals”
  • Indonesian NavyJalesveva Jayamahe “On the Sea We Are Glorious”
  • Indonesian Air ForceSwabhuana Paksa “The Wings of the Motherland”
  • Paskhas (Indonesian Air Force Special Forces): Karmanye Vadhikar aste Ma falesu Kadacana “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action” (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 47)
  • Indonesian Marine CorpsJalesu Bumyamcha Jayamahe “On the Sea and Land we are glorious”
  • Military Academy (“Akmil”): “अधिकाऱ्या महत्व विर्य नगरभक्ति” – Adhitakarya Mahatvavirya Nagarabhakti (Hard-working Knights Serving Bravery as Nations Hero”)
  • Police Academy (“Akpol”): Dharma, Bijaksana, Kshatriya
  • Indonesian Fire Brigade: Yudha Brama Jaya
  • Army Staff and Command College (“Seskoad”): Viyata Vira Jati
  • Army Officer Candidate School (“Secapa-ad”): Budi Bhakti Wira Utama
  • Naval Academy (“A.A.L.”): Hree Dharma Shanty (“Embarrassed for Doing The Defects”)
  • Naval Staff and Command College (“Sesko-al”): Dharma Wiratama
  • Air Force Academy (“A.A.U.”): Vidya Karma Vira Pakcha
  • Air Force Doctrine Development, Education and Training Command (“Kodiklat-au”): Vidyasana Viveka Vardhana
  • Police Knowledge College (“P.T.I.K.”): Bhakti-Dharma-Waspada
  • Institute of Domestic Governance (“I.P.D.N.”): Among Praja Dharma Satya Nagari Bhakti
  • Sebelas Maret UniversityMangesthi Luhur Ambangun Nagara
  • Ganesha University of Education: Dharmaning Sajjana Umerdhyaken Vidyaguna (mixture of Old Javanese and Sanskrit languages)
  • Mahasaraswati University of DenpasarGonging Maha Pataka Muddha Hetu (mixture of Old Balinese and Sanskrit languages)

Many Indonesian Armed Forces’ mottoes are taken from Sanskrit language and Old Javanese language, but there are also many mottoes taken from Indonesian.

  • Indonesian National Police: Official Motto: Rastra Sewakottama (“Above All Else, Serving the People “), Popular Motto: Melindungi dan Melayani (“To Protect and To Serve”)
  • Indonesian ArmyKartika Eka Paksi (literally “Great Birds, No Opponent”/meaning “Strength, Unity, Loyalty”)
  • Indonesian NavyJalesveva Jayamahe (“On The Sea We Are Glorious”)
  • Indonesian Air ForceSwabhuana Paksa (“Wings of The Motherland”)
  • Paspampres (Indonesian Presidential Guards Secret Service): Setia Vhaspada (“loyal and vigilant”)
  • National Police Units
    • Mobile Brigade CorpsJiwa Ragaku untuk Kemanusiaan (My Life and soul is for the sake of Humanity”)
    • Traffic Regulator (Police) CorpsDharmakerta Marga Raksyaka
    • Detective Corps: Sidik Shakti Indra Vhaspada
    • Police Academy: Dharma, Bijaksana, Ksatria (“Best-serviced, Wise and Knightful”)
  • Army Units
    • Infantry: Yuddhawastu Pramukha (“The Foremost Warfare Equipment”)
    • Field Artillery: Tri Sandhya Yudha (“Soldier’s Ability to Carry Out Their Duties without Time-Spotting”)
    • Air Defense Artillery: Vyati Rakca Bhala Cakti (“The Great Soldier, Guardian of The Sky”)
    • Cavalry: Tri Daya Cakti (“Three Sacred Powers”, referring to the Moving Power, Firing Power and Surprising Power of modern cavalry)
    • Army Aviation: Wira Amur (“Flying Soldiers”)
    • Army Military Police: Satya Vira Wicaksana (“Loyal and Wise Knights”)
    • Combat Engineer Corps: Yudha Karya Satya Bhakti (“Loyal in Battles and Developments”)
    • Signal Corps: Cighra Apta Nirbhaya (“Fast, Exact, Secure”)
    • Psychological Corps : Upakriya Labdha Prayojana Balottama (“Purpose of The Unit is to Give The Best Service to The Nation by Finding The Perfect Soldier”)
    • Equipment Corps: Dwi Cakti Bhakti
    • Medical Corps: Hesti Wira Shakti
    • Army Research and Development Corps: Satiti Cakti Bhakti (“Make a Great Power for Serving The Nation”)
    • Army Strategic Command (Kostrad): Dharma Putra
    • Army Raider Battalions: Cepat, Tepat, Senyap (“Fast, Exact, Quiet”)
    • Army Special Forces CommandBerani, Benar, Berhasil (“Brave, Right, Successful”)
    • Military Academy: Adhitakarya Mahatvavirya Nagarabhakti (Hard-working Knights Serving Bravery as Nations Hero”)
  • Indonesian Navy Units
    • Fleet Forces Corps: Jalesveva Jayamahe (“On The Sea We Are Glorious”) (same as general Navy)
    • Marine CorpsJalesu Bhumyamcha Jayamahe (“Glorious on the Land and the Sea”)
    • Navy FrogmenTan Hana Wighna Tan Sirna (“No Difficulties Cannot Conquer”)
    • Navy Submarine Unit: Wira Ananta Rudira (“Steadfast until The End”)
    • Navy Amphibious Ships Unit: Dwi Daya Yudha (“Two Powers in Battles”, referring to amphibious properties of the ship)
    • Naval Academy: Hree Dharma Shanty (“Embarrassed for Doing The Defects”)
    • Navy Military Police: Wijna Wira Widhayaka (“Knightful and Wise Rule Upholders”)
    • Naval Hydro-oceanographic Service: Jala Citra Praja Yodha (“Mapping The Sea for Nations’ Glory”)
    • KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366, a SIGMA corvette bought from the Netherlands: Bertempur dan Menang (“Fight and Win”)
  • Indonesian Air Force Units
    • Air Force Special Forces CorpsKarmanye Vadikaraste Mafalesu Kadachana (“Working Without Counting The Profit and Loss”)
    • Air Force Military Police: Wira Waksita (“Skilled and Alerted Knights”)
    • Air Force Academy: Vidya Karma Vira Pakca

Bonus: Here are the Sanskrit mottos used by Nepal:

  • Nepal: ‘जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी Janani Janmabhūmisca Svargādapi garīyasi “Mother and motherland are greater than heaven”
  • Nepal Rastra Bank:’तमसोमा ज्योतिर्गमय Tamasoma Jyotirgamay “Darkness to light”

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