Wishfie, a popular video-based social network that allows people to share their opinions on trending stories, news and issues, has announced that it’ll invite its users to help define the data use policy for the platform. Wishfie will become one of the first social platforms globally to introduce such an initiative.

“Wishfie is a video-based social network that envisions empowering people to voice their opinions on things that matter to them. To live up to our commitment to give the power to people, we want our users to define the privacy policy that’ll govern the privacy of the information that they share on the platform. This exercise will also help educate people about their online privacy“ said Durgesh Kaushik, Co-founder and CEO of Wishfie.

“While it’s a complex mission, we hope to make progress on this with the help of our users. “ he added.

How will it work? In addition to the basic data protection terms required by the law and those required to safeguard basic privacy, Wishfie’s users will have an opportunity to participate in defining the platform’s data use policy. Every year, Wishfie will take the top suggestions (by user votes) on privacy terms and incorporate those into its privacy policy. All the users will be notified of the changes in the privacy policy and will be given a chance to opt-out of the platform if they don’t agree with the terms proposed by the majority of its users. They can still participate in defining the next version of the policy.

Wishfie users will be able to login into Wishfie’s website to either propose a new term or to discuss terms proposed by other users.

To make this initiative successful, Kaushik intends to leverage his experience of social networks and privacy research projects he undertook at University of California – Irvine and New York University. At UCI, he worked on a project called MayaNet that explored the possibilities of such a democratic privacy and data use policy.

“We don’t intend to build yet another social network that is driven by viral content and fake news. We want to take a long-term view of the platform and its benefits to the society.” Kaushik said. “We plan to start inviting our users to participate in defining our privacy policy in the coming months and hope that by the end of this year, we’d be able to finalize and implement this policy on our platform.” He added.

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